(Re)Discover Till Tomorrow, the Web-Series

The web-series Till Tomorrow is now fully available on Imago TV and Youtube.

This show aims at rethinking our relationship to Nature through the voices of populations whose links to Nature are extremely strong and diverse.

Nomadic life in Mongolia, Ainu animism in Japan, native traditions in Alaska or French initiatives, (re)discover inspiring tales from populations who live in symbiosis with their environment.

Till Tomorrow, the feature film entered its post-production phase and will come out Spring 2020. We will tell you more about it real soon !

Behind the Curtains of Postproduction

We are happy to share with you the latest news about the postproduction of Till Tomorrow – the feature film, which will come out Spring 2020.

The postproduction has started in January: in UHDB Production offices, Benjamin Correa, the editor and colour-corrector of the movie currently achieves a fist structure of the film with Aimee Bouchet, the director. In parallel, Kiêm Pham, the sound engineer prepares the sound edition of Till Tomorrow.

What’s next ?
👉 After establishing together this work base, the music composers Pileos and Michaël Donne and the singer Serena will be back in studios to adapt the OST of the movie to the needs of the editing team. The OST will soon be available on music stream softwares !

👉 After going back and forth between the different teams, the movie will come out in festivals, universities, several central Parisian locations and… in theatres ! We will tell you more about it real soon.

See you soon 🌱

A bonus episode about France is out !

We are very proud to share with you our web-series’ ultimate bonus episode about french initiatives aiming to reinvent our relationship with Nature. 

Watch it now on Youtube !

This bonus episode aims to show that one doesn’t have to live on the other side of the globe to create a more coherent relationship to their environment at that, even in France, some people reinvent their connection with Nature, and act for its protection.

Many thanks to Mouts from Nus et Culottés, to the Ecovillage Eotopia, to the permaculture farm Amrita Permaculture and to all the people who took part in the creation of this episode 

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This video marks the end of our web-series. We can not wait to unveil the feature film Till Tomorrow in Spring 2020.

See you soon ! 🌱

Episode 4 is out !

We are very proud to share with you our Web-Series’ fourth episode: Taiga – Tsaatan . You can access it on Imago TV and Youtube.

This new episode focuses on the everyday life of reindeer herders living at the border of Russian and Mongolia, in the Taïga, boreal forest next to Siberia.

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This video marks the end of the meetings with Northern Hemisphere populations whose voices will be central in the feature film Till Tomorrow.

See you in January the 30th for a bonus episode about eco-dependance in France.

See you soon ! 🌱

Return home and bonus episode !

At the end of the month, Till Tomorrow’s filming team have achieved its great journey through the Northern Hemisphere and headed back to France from the Taiga, at the end of their filming session with Tsaatan people.

Their return to France does not mean the end of the filming stage…. not yet ! Till Tomorrow’s team is currently making a bonus episode about eco-dependant populations in France to depict that in France as well, individuals act to reinvent their relationship to Nature and that one doesn’t have to live on the other side of the globe to adopt a more coherent relationship with their environment.

Therefore, our filming team had the occasion to meet the eco-village Eotopia, as well as a permaculture farm and several farmers and pasture shepherds, in order to share stories as diversified as possible about one’s different but interdependent relationship to Nature.

This bonus episode will come out on Youtube and Imago the 30th of January and will mark an end to our Web-Series, before the release of our feature film Spring 2020.

Meanwhile, we encourage you to (re)discover our three first episodes on Youtube and Imago: https://imagotv.fr/emissions/till-tomorrow

See you soon 🌱

Episode 3 is out !

We are very proud to share with you our Web-Series’ third episode: Mongolia – Nomads. 

This new episode focuses on the links between nomad populations in Mongolia and the incredible Nature surrounding them. This relationship is built away from the notion of environmental possession or intervention.

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See you on December the 30th for episode 4: « Russian Border – Tsaatan ».

Episode 2 is out!

The whole Till Tomorrow Team is today thrilled to unveil the 2nd episode of its web series dedicated to the Ainu populations we met during September 2019 in Japan!

In this episode, we seeked to highlight the central place of Kamuy – spiritual beings which can be found everywhere in Nature – in Ainu culture.

We also wanted to seize the occasion to announce our partnership with the platform Imago TV which already hosts and will from now on host all the episodes of our web series!

We finally wanted to thank you again for your great feedbacks on Episode 1: « Alaskan Natives »! Once again, we need all the support you can give. Feel free to share this video and support us on social media.

See you on November 30 for Episode 3: « Mongolia – Nomads ».

The Project

Till Tomorrow is a documentary project mentored by the photographer & ecologist Yann Arthus-Bertrand, and the explorer & filmmaker Nicolas Vanier.

In this race for ecological transition, we need ‘guides and ‘indicators’. By asking societies that are factually ‘eco dependent’, we give voices back to people which are often forgotten. The idea is to rely on actual, anchored, quantifiable and assessable data to draw inspiration out of it.

In the words of the ecologist writer Pablo Servigne in his book How everything can collapse, we believe that public at large resists to raise awareness around the emergency of the environmental crisis partly because of the absence of alternative models. We need storytelling, narrative speeches to imagine a future to create. And this is what we aim at offering through this documentary. 

We aim at broadcasting Till Tomorrow not only in France, but worldwide. It will therefore be entirely subtitled in several languages.  

Our motivations – Project notice

To us, this project answers to a key issue of the 21st century. We are deeply convinced that the way we perceive the World must change, and that we then need to re-invent tales and stories that would tell it in a different way.

Moreover? We think that these stories already exist and that we need to draw inspiration from populations who have had a different relationship to their environment for a very long time. We need inspiration to reconnect to Nature as much as to Humans, to stop perceiving them as destructors but creators “of some other things”. We truly believe that the ecological revolution is not made of fear and powerlessness (anymore?), but of cooperation and creation.

Biodiversity – and more broadly environmental crisis – today has an undeniable place. No doubt should remain about its veracity, and we cannot keep exploiting the planet and its finite resources to consume, pollute, waste the way we currently do while we plan to be 9 billions in 2050.

IPCC reports, inefficient COPs, Nicolas Hulot’s resignation… The message is clear: a change must come. In about 20 years, half of the countries will have their water rationed, the UN foresees 250 millions of climate refugees in 2050, South-East Asia might not be habitable in 2100, 3 out of 4 birds have disappeared from cities…
Today’s era is the one of digital, video and social networks. An idea, a movement can emerge from a single Facebook post.

We are convinced that through travels, cultural diversity and a video format, we will be able to communicate on these issues to an already aware audience, but also to a less informed audience. We aim at opening a reflection on a dynamic that is not ashaming but constructive and cooperative.

This project was also built in the path of people already famous for their commitments, highlighting our approach’s legitimacy and supporting our media coverage. Indeed, mentored by Yann Arthus-Bertrand (GoodPlanet Foundation) & Nicolas Vanier, we believe we can have a great impact by motivating the change among the young generation which is a key to change.

We are also supported by the academic area (Sorbonne University, Crous, Paris city hall) and by great eco-friendly brands such as Patagonia. We seek to mobilize a young generation often lost and paralyzed by what seems to be an unavoidable change. We want to show that we can act and that a future is still to be imagined.

Arrival to Mongolia!

First memory of Mongolia

We safely arrived in Mongolia where we will shoot the 3rd session of the documentary with Mongolian Nomad populations.

For 10 days, we will be hosted by a Nomad family in their yurt. As for the first two steps, the help from Nomads is essential before and during the filming session. Assisted prior to our arrival by a Nomad inhabitant, we will receive the assistance of a local translator. We will then be able to discuss with our hosts about their relationship with Nature, particularly applied to the Nomad lifestyle.

We will then reach the Russian border to meet Tsaatan populations for the last filming session.

We can not wait to share with you the shots and testimonies from this third session!

Episode 1 is out!

We are today delighted to unveil the 1st episode of our web series, dedicated to Alaskan Natives – our first filming session. This video is the first of a series of 5 episodes, each to be released on the 30th of each month in free access on our YouTube channel.

This 8 minute episode portraits the exceptional bounds between Native populations and the Nature with which they coexist. This filming session has been extremely stimulating for our teams on spot and in Paris, particularly through the inspiring stories we have been able to collect.

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Japan – Interviews & meetings

Ryoko-san, Ainu singer & dancer

While we are still filming in Japan, we were able to meet Ryoko Suzusappno, an Ainu singer and dancer.

Ryoko-san then offered to sing us traditional Ainu songs. At the heart of an Ainu home, we eventually lived a moment full of softness and poetry, which we can not wait to share with you.