Our Partners

« When you wish for something, all the universe conspires to help you achieve your desire » Paulo Coelho

Created at the end of 2011, Cercle des Volontaires – Circle of volunteers – is a group of citizens committed to work for free and independent news ; democratic debates about possible alternatives to the current system and its issues (growing inequalities, unjustifiable wars, elites corruption, national lack of cohesion, materialism, individualisme…) ; and unification of citizens. Cercle des volontaires is a communication support for the documentary. Click here to read their article about Till Tomorrow.

Enactus France aims at developing entrepreneurial spirit and young people’s commitment to help society. On this regard and with the help of professional and academic teachers, Enactus follows young people in the creation and implementation of social entrepreneurial projects.
Enactus provides Till Tomorrow with support and advice since its creation!

Founded by our mentor, the photographer and filmmaker Yann Arthus-Bertrand, The GoodPlanet Foundation is a Foundation of public utility, aiming to ‘place ecology in the heart of consciousness and trigger the will to concretely act for the planet and its inhabitants’.
The GoodPlanet Foundation will host the premier of the Till Tomorrow feature film, around April 2020!

Launched in November 2017, l’Info Durable is the first french ongoing info media focusing on Sustainable Development. They offer, with their partners, concrete solutions and an « #AllActors » promise, allowing their readers to become an actor of sustainable development. L’Info Durable provides Till Tomorrow with their support, mainly by sharing articles about the documentary on their website.

Imago is a young associative video platform launched in January 2019, which aims at promoting contents committed into ecological transition. It relays documentaries, web series, podcasts and short films in different categories such as Economics, Alternatives or Awareness Raising.
Imago is our platform partner which hosts all the episodes of our web series!

L’Institut de l’Engagement – i.e The Institute for Commitment – is a non-profit organisation created in 2012, providing individual support to 700 young laureates formerly involved into volunteer work. It enables laureates to go through academic, cultural, social, financial or handicap-related borders to achieve their projets for the future. It provides them with tools to get involved and act on major global stakes of their world.
L’Institut de l’Engagement shares many advice and recommendations with Till Tomorrow, as well as providing its communication and broadcasting support of our content!  

“J-Terre” is a web newsletter entirely devoted to the environment and broadcast live on Facebook. Created at the initiative of Permavenir and Biais Vert, the program aims to put questions about ecological crisis at the heart of the news.

La Banque Postale is a public bank part of the French group La Poste. Partner of the crowdfunding website KissKissBankBank, it regularly rewards a Crush project by donating the equivalent of 50% of its total goal.
Till Tomorrow won the Crush Prize in May 2019 and received the amount of €3.500!

MakeSense is an international community of citizens, entrepreneurs and organisations allied to overcome social and environmental challenges.
The Till Tomorrow project has joined the MakeSense community and its 100 Happy Hours Climate, a series of international events organized by the community where Till Tomorrow will screen each episode in the shooting country!

Mr Mondialisation is a french speaking informal think tank led by citizens and targeting international action. It aims at sparking free debates in the public sphere about the global and local great topics of our time. Mr Mondialisation provides Till Tomorrow with its great support through offering broadcast and communication support.

On The Green Road is a collective of travelers who share their experience and ideas through solution journalism. It aims at raising awareness on global environmental topics. Their documentary On The Green Road tells the story of their eco-friendly journey.
The collective provides us with moral and communicational support, as well as precious advice for the whole project making!

Parrot is a French company created in 1994 in Paris. It creates, develops and sells high tech products for individuals among which connected objects mainly for smartphones and tablets.
Since 2017, the company focuses on the fabrication of drones, then lending us 2 drones and 10 batteries to film specific shots from the sky!

Patagonia is a Californian environmental activist clothing brand creating ecological clothes. ‘At Patagonia, we are conscious that all life on Earth is threatened by extinction. We want to use the resources we own – our company, our investments, our voice and our imagination- to do something about it’, writes the brand on its website.
Patagonia provided our team members with clothing equipment adapted to cold weather!

The Refedd is a student union network leading projects related to sustainable development such as food supply, biodiversity, climate, waste, etc. Their goal is to reach 100% of aware and committed students & 100% of sustainable campuses.
All along the project, the Refedd will support our communication, ease our immersion and our awareness work in student areas, and participate to the organization of screening debates in France!

Sorbonne For UN (SONU) is a student union of the Sorbonne universities (Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne, Paris III Sorbonne-Nouvelle and Sorbonne Universités). It aims at educating student communities about UN institutions, and more broadly to promote the UN and international cooperation within universities.
SONU will be a privileged partner for the organisation of screenings and conferences starting February 2020!

Terra Incognita is a French media aiming to reinvent the relationship between a media and its readers by including the reader in the making of the content. Among its main themes, Terra Incognita encourages a new and collective commitment for environmental action. The media is one of Till Tomorrow’s communication partners and also invited the filming team for a special debate-interview in Paris in January 2020.

TyPy Consulting

TyPy Consulting is a French consulting firm located in Bordeaux, specialized in computer systems and softwares.
TyPy Consulting is one of the main financial partners of Till Tomorrow!

The Unis-Cité ‘Rêve et Réalise’ program – i.e “Dream and Achieve” – helps young people create a social entrepreneurship program.
The Till Tomorrow project benefited from Unis-Cité’s recommendations and trainings from November 2018 to June 2019!

Panthéon-Sorbonne Paris I FSDIE is one of our main partners. Present in every French university, the FSDIE finds its budget in the registration fees from which it takes a regulated part. Sport, cultural or humanitarian initiatives all receive fundings from FSDIE. Generally speaking, 70% of funds go to student projects, and 30% are used for social help!

The International Image and Sound Institute (3iS) is a French technical private institute of higher education founded in 1988, with a campus in Paris and Bordeaux. The 3iS group is the biggest European campus related to creative arts: Film, Animation, Video games, Sound, Design, Performance technics…
The school provides us with all the professional video and sound material for the whole shooting!