Yes We Can! Project News

« When you wish for something, all the universe conspires to help you achieve your desire » Paulo Coelho

Welcome to our ‘Yes We Can’ page!
Below you’ll find all the updates on the project: our (growing) partners, our small and big victories which bring the project more and more into life…!


Discover Positivr’s article about the second episode of our Web-Series: “Japan – Ainu”. #YesWeCan


Till Tomorrow is proud to share with you a Facebook post from the famous media Mr Mondialisation, about our documentary. #YesWeCan


We are very proud to share with you our web-series’ ultimate bonus episode about french initiatives aiming to reinvent our relationship with Nature. #YesWeCan


Many thanks to Cercle des Volontaires for their great article about Till Tomorrow ! You can read the article here. #YesWeCan


Aimée and Pauline, the creators of Till Tomorrow, were really happy to be invited by Terra Incognita for an interactive interview. Watch a bonus interview here. ! #YesWeCan


We are thrilled to share with you our Web-Series’ fourth episode about Tsaatan populations living in the Taïga. Access it here. #YesWeCan


Many thanks to the media Info Durable for writing this great article about the documentary Till Tomorrow ! Click here to access it in French. #YesWeCan


Till Tomorrow’s team is happy to announce you that we are currently making a bonus episode about eco-dependant populations in France. The episode will come out the 30/01 on Imago and Youtube. #YesWeCan!


We are extremely proud to share our the 3rd episode of our Web-Series with you, dedicated to Mongolian Nomads. You can access it here. #YesWeCan!


We are delighted to unveil the 2nd episode of our web series & our fresh new partnership with the video platform Imago TV which now hosts all the episodes of our web series. #YesWeCan!


We are very thankful to our mentors and sponsors Yann Arthus-Bertrand, the Refedd, the GoodPlanet Foundation and On The Green Road for sharing the first episode of our Web-Series. #YesWeCan!


Many thanks to the Paris-Nanterre student non-profit Res-EAU-x for sharing the first episode of our Web-Series on its website. Click here to read the article. #YesWeCan!


We are extremely happy to share our the 1st episode of our Web-Series with you. This episode is dedicated to Alaskan Natives and you can access it here. #YesWeCan!


Aimée & Pauline have been in the Japanese island Hokkaido for more than a week now. They already had the chance to meet several inspiring Ainu individuals and collect their fascinating testimonies. #YesWeCan!


The filming crew has arrived in Anchorage, Alaska one week ago. Aimée & Pauline have started recording the first shots of the feature film and the web series – we cannot wait to share them with you! #YesWeCan!


We are extremely proud and happy to share our new logo with you, created by our gifted graphic designer Lucie Coulon! Take a look at Lucie’s great work by visiting her Book and her Instagram. #YesWeCan!


The whole team is delighted to reveal its new partnership with Parrot, a French company specialized among others in the fabrication of drones! With 2 of their drones, we will soon be able to capture video footage seen from the sky. Many thanks to them! #YesWeCan!


Many thanks to Unis-Cité for choosing Till Tomorrow as one of the two highlighted projects on their website! You can read the highlight about Till Tomorrow here. #YesWeCan!


We are happy to announce our partnership with the International Image and Sound Institute (3iS). The school provides us with all the professional video and sound material for the whole shooting! Many thanks to them. #YesWeCan!


We are delighted to officially announce our partnership with the Refedd (French Student Network for Sustainable Development)! You can click here to read their article about Till Tomorrow. Many thanks to them! #YesWeCan!


Our crowdfunding page closed yesterday at 12:00 am. We reached 138% of our goal, which is incredible! The time has come for us to share huge thanks with the 91 KissKissBankBank contributors who enabled Till Tomorrow to happen! #YesWeCan!


Many thanks to the media Judicieuse which published an enthusiastic article about Till Tomorrow! You can read it here. #YesWeCan!


Thanks to POSITIVR for this interview of the Till Tomorrow‘s team! Click here to read it. #YesWeCan!


Thanks to your amazing support, we won the Banque Postale contest ! The €3.500 prize will allow us to pay our musicians, guides, translators, and book our Transsiberian tickets! #YesWeCan!


We are delighted to inform you that our partnership with the GoodPlanet Foundation has been confirmed! The foundation will co-organise the documentary restitution evening which will take place in… the foundation’s wonderful screening room at the Longchamp domain in Spring 2020! #YesWeCan!


We are ready to face the Siberian cold thanks to Patagonia! Patagonia joins our sponsors by donating clothing equipments to Till Tomorrow, enabling our team to film even through the hardest cold. #YesWeCan! 


We have been able to contact the famous photographer, filmmaker and ecologist Yann Arthus-Bertrand! Convinced by the relevancy around Till Tomorrow, he accepts to mentor the project! #YesWeCan!


The solidarity funds for the Development of Student Initiatives (FSDIE) of the Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne University, financially supports the project! Many thanks to the jury. #YesWeCan!


We got in touch with the famous musher, filmmaker and explorer Nicolas Vanier! Enthusiastic about our documentary project, he offers us his trust and becomes our first mentor in this adventure! #YesWeCan!  

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