The Till Tomorrow Project

The Till Tomorrow project has already begun and we cannot wait to take you on this adventure!

Till Tomorrow is a documentary project launched in 2018 by the French non-profit ‘A Portée De Main’. It is mentored by two famous French personalities: the photographer & reporter Yann Arthus-Bertrand, and the explorer & filmmaker Nicolas Vanier.

From August 2019, we will take you on a 5-month journey to meet eco dependent populations in Alaska (Inuit), Japan (Ainu), Mongolia (Nomad) and Russia (Sami). 

Through the 1st season of a web series (the 30th of each month from September to February) and a feature film, we will explore and discover how these populations integrate Nature in their daily lives as a tool to fight for its protection.

Our purpose is to inspire a shift in our relationship with the Environment – we need to reconsider and optimise the integration of biodiversity within our societies to protect it better.