Behind the Curtains of Postproduction

We are happy to share with you the latest news about the postproduction of Till Tomorrow – the feature film, which will come out Spring 2020.

The postproduction has started in January: in UHDB Production offices, Benjamin Correa, the editor and colour-corrector of the movie currently achieves a fist structure of the film with Aimee Bouchet, the director. In parallel, Kiêm Pham, the sound engineer prepares the sound edition of Till Tomorrow.

What’s next ?
👉 After establishing together this work base, the music composers Pileos and Michaël Donne and the singer Serena will be back in studios to adapt the OST of the movie to the needs of the editing team. The OST will soon be available on music stream softwares !

👉 After going back and forth between the different teams, the movie will come out in festivals, universities, several central Parisian locations and… in theatres ! We will tell you more about it real soon.

See you soon 🌱

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