The Team – Aimée

« I have always grown a passion for Nature »

« Passionate about Nature since I was a child, I started studying Law and specialized in environmental Law at Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne University. I then decided to follow a biodiversity protection-oriented degree, the multidisciplinary ‘BIOTERRE’ Master. This passion kept growing within my personal and professional development. 

From a more practical view, I have been able to get a clearer idea of what it is like on the field through diverse experiences – I volunteered in permaculture farms in Canada and Slovenia, I have been taught how to breed cattle by Mongolian Nomads during an itinerant journey on horseback, I studied raptors alongside a falconer.  

photo credits: @Pileos

My academic background then allowed me to sharpen my reflection on environmental stakes within public policies, torn between economic, social and ecological necessities. 

Finally, through an activist commitment as Sorbonne’s Partnerships Manager of the UN society for the Environment, I had many occasions to exchange thoughts on environmental topics with different experts of the private & public sectors. 

I am today certain all these past experiences convinced me to go for it and enrich a true reflection on interactions between Humans & Nature! »