Episode 1 is out!

We are today delighted to unveil the 1st episode of our web series, dedicated to Alaskan Natives – our first filming session. This video is the first of a series of 5 episodes, each to be released on the 30th of each month in free access on our YouTube channel.

This 8 minute episode portraits the exceptional bounds between Native populations and the Nature with which they coexist. This filming session has been extremely stimulating for our teams on spot and in Paris, particularly through the inspiring stories we have been able to collect.

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Alaska – The « Far North » experience

Our unexpected (and little scary) encounter during a hiking session

Pauline & Aimée are coming to the end of this first filming session in Alaska. It’s thus the occasion for them to share some thoughts on their experience in the ‘Far North’…

« Alaska is absolutely incredible…! Nature is omnipresent and stretches endlessly. The fauna and flora abound despite the rough wintry climatic conditions. This omnipresence totally affects the way Humans coexist with it. It’s not rare to run into a black bear (as the picture below can testify!), a grizzly, a moose (we can also testify!), wolves…

All of this compelling these populations never to lower their guard, to take every precaution at any time (bring an anti-bear spray and even a weapon sometimes…), and organize themselves depending on the life surrounding them (such as not camping near rivers nor woods).

We then realized how the domestication of Nature in France can create a huge feeling of omnipotence. On the contrary, we didn’t feel in Alaska that we were ‘dominating’ the site but had to accommodate, obliging us to a certain humility towards this very same Nature. »

Alaska – Interviews & meetings

June, an inhabitant of the Nondalton Athabascan Native village

It has already been 2 weeks and a half since we arrived in Alaska. Since then, we have met incredible people. We have been able to interview Native people from several ethnic groups (Yup’ik, Athabascans, Cup’ik…) who shared their relationship with Nature with a lot of kindness.

Through the Yup’ik cuisine of Anna’s Alaska, the Native music of Pamyua, the traditional dance of Cupiit Yurartet Drummers and Dancers and many others, we discovered cultures intimately linked to Nature and deeply attached to it.

We are infinitely grateful for these moments of sharing, and we sincerely thank the people who told us their stories during a brief moment of their daily life.

Alaska – Week 1

Anchorage, Alaska

Aimée & Pauline from Till Tomorrow have arrived in Anchorage in Alaska one week ago. We wanted to take this opportunity to share the advance of our first filming session with you.

Our first encounters with Alaskan Native descendants were extremely positive! We have started filming the first shots of the feature film and web series and can not wait to share them with you.

We have also been meeting a lot of people through Couchsurfing, including a seaplane pilot who accepted to take us to the Native villages where we found interested interviewees!

We are then very happy to be soon able to share with you stories from Native descendants and their relationship to Nature and environmental changes.

Many thanks again for all your support, and greetings from Alaska!