Till Tomorrow, what is it?

Till Tomorrow is a documentary project launched by the French non-profit ‘A Portée De Main’, mentored by the photographer & ecologist Yann Arthus-Bertrand, and by the explorer & filmmaker Nicolas Vanier.

This documentary project aims at depicting a meeting with ‘eco dependent’ populations through 5 episodes in Alaska (Natives), Japan (Ainu), Mongolia (Nomads) and Russia (Tsaatan). 

Through this documentary, we will explore and discover how these populations integrate Nature in their daily lives as a tool to fight for its protection. Our purpose is to inspire a shift in our relationship with the Environment – we need to reconsider and optimise the integration of biodiversity within our societies to protect it better.

In the middle of this race for ecological transition, we need more than ever ‘guides’ to achieve this transition. By asking societies that are factually ‘eco dependent’, we give voices back to populations which are often forgotten. We will therefore be able to rely on anchored and assessable data for our own reflection.  

In the words of the ecologist writer Pablo Servigne – in How everything can collapse -, we believe that public at large resists to raise awareness around the emergency of the environmental crisis partly because of the absence of alternative models. We need storytelling, narrative speeches to imagine a future to create. And this is what our documentary is about.  We aim at diffusing Till Tomorrow not only in France, but worldwide. It will therefore be entirely subtitled in several languages.  

We aim at broadcasting Till Tomorrow not only in France, but worldwide. It will therefore be entirely subtitled in several languages.  

The Ecoventure Challenge

We wish to limit as much as possible the use of plane during our 5-month meeting. Which is why we favor train, ship, horseriding etc.

We also seek to favor local products for our consumption, stay with the hosts, be close to the populations we will meet…

We wish to encourage the local dynamic by asking local students to be our translators when necessary.

What Program?

And Then?

Lectures, screenings and masterclasses

  • Animated meetings at the Sorbonne universities and other universities.
  • Events organized within private institutions (Makesense, la Recyclerie, Château de Goutelas).
  • Events organized within public institutions (city halls, local institutions…) .

Plea & Proposal

  • Suggestion of solutions around biodiversity integration, inspired by the practices observed.
  • Submission of these proposals to local communities, universities and other institutions able to implement eco responsible policies.