Return home and bonus episode !

At the end of the month, Till Tomorrow’s filming team have achieved its great journey through the Northern Hemisphere and headed back to France from the Taiga, at the end of their filming session with Tsaatan people.

Their return to France does not mean the end of the filming stage…. not yet ! Till Tomorrow’s team is currently making a bonus episode about eco-dependant populations in France to depict that in France as well, individuals act to reinvent their relationship to Nature and that one doesn’t have to live on the other side of the globe to adopt a more coherent relationship with their environment.

Therefore, our filming team had the occasion to meet the eco-village Eotopia, as well as a permaculture farm and several farmers and pasture shepherds, in order to share stories as diversified as possible about one’s different but interdependent relationship to Nature.

This bonus episode will come out on Youtube and Imago the 30th of January and will mark an end to our Web-Series, before the release of our feature film Spring 2020.

Meanwhile, we encourage you to (re)discover our three first episodes on Youtube and Imago:

See you soon đźŚ±

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