Off to Japan!

Our last memory of the incredible Alaskan landscape

We are on our way to the Japanese island Hokkaido! We will start a filming session on Ainu people and their cultural and spiritual relationship with Nature.

As for the first shooting step in Alaska, we will travel in the most eco-friendly and local way as possible: we will stay with the famous Ainu descendant Kaizawa-san and in a Japanese guesthouse in exchange of a bit of help.

During our one-month stay in Japan, we will be guided and assisted by several inhabitants of the region who rapidly got enthusiastic about the documentary. We will meet an Ainu cook during a traditional cooking lesson and will have the chance to talk to an Ainu healer, dancer and to many people who inherited the Ainu culture and its relationship with Nature.

We cannot wait to share the pictures, videos and testimonies of this second session with you.

See you Alaska!

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